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Smithtown Garage Door Repair

For over two decades, Smithtown garage door repair, NY has been offering reliable garage door repair and installation services to both commercial and residential garage owners in Smithtown. We have outlets in almost all corners of Smithtown where we stock garage doors and other accessories and also where our technicians can be found at any time of the day. These local outlets help us to serve you better in terms of quick and easy access to your garage regardless of where you are in the city. Another advantages of having many and strategic local outlets is to ensure that even when one store is running out of stock it can be restocked from the other nearby store before main supplies are done. Smithtown are our testimony that our services are the best in terms of quality, availability and reliability and this make them come back for more services whenever they are in need. Currently we are the garage door repair company with the largest number of qualified and certified technicians who are dedicated to provide solutions to all our clients in the city. We are the only garage door services provider with free and effective online and on phone consultancy services which help the clients to solve some minor repair problems. You can also receive free maintenance or maintenance tips online. Most residents of Smithtown, New York claim that they have used our online consultancy services to estimate their costs before calling our technicians to fix their garage door issues.

Garage Door Repair Smithtown NY deliver our services according to your specification but our experienced technicians will make recommendations where they find it necessary. We are dealers in carry flush, wooden and fiber glass doors, sliding doors, steel doors, aluminum doors and even plastic doors with varieties of designs and styles to choose from. Our services and products are always offered at a pocket friendly cost to ensure that all residents can afford. We maintain high quality and standards and we offer amazing discounts to all our regular and new customers. Our products include:

Smithtown Garage Door Repair Services & Spare Parts Include:

  1. New garage doors- Whether you are installing a new garage door for your new garage or you are upgrading an existing door, we have quality door of all types, design and style. We buy all our garage doors from the best builders in the city to ensure that they are legit and fair pricing. Garage Door Repair Smithtown will help you to choose the best garage door depending on your specifications and your garage security needs. Once you contact us we schedule a visit to your garage to take the measurements, consider security requirements and other factors before settling for the best door for your garage. We have different garage door design for both residential and commercial installations but we ensure that the design you choose is in line with the home or the garage entire architectural design.
  2. Garage door repairs and accessories- If a part of your door is not working properly or has been damaged, you can purchase spare parts for replacement from any of our local stores at the best prices in the town.
  • New garage door openers and motors
  • New torsion spring
  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Nuts, bolts and screws among others

Our well trained and experienced technicians are specialists in the following services:

New Installations and Replacements- We are the best in new door installation, new motor installations and replacement of broken springs or any other fault part that is beyond repair. Our technicians are experts in these installations and work in teams to enhance speed and accuracy.

Repair Services- In case of any damaged or malfunctioning part of the door, our technicians will visit your garage and fix the issue within minutes. Most of our repair services include; tightening of loose nuts, bolts and screws, fixing of hinges, rollers repair, fixing of malfunctioning sensors, locks repair and many others.

Maintenances Services- Even without a fault, maintenance is very important because it prevents damages or wear and tears. One of the common maintenance is lubrication of moving door parts to reduce friction which causes wearing out. You can use grease to oil the motor, hinges, rollers or any other moving part to ensure smooth opening and closing of the door as well as increasing the door lifespan. Rust prevention is also another effective maintenance practice which includes oiling, coating or painting of metallic door parts.

Inspection services-Inspection is very important because it helps in detecting a faulty or weak door parts that requires attention before it is fully damaged. If inspection is done regularly and in good time it will save you more than 50% of future repair and replacement costs. Garage Door Repair Smithtown technicians can also guide you on how to do a thorough inspection for free, either online or on phone.

  • Broken Spring

  • Opener Repair

  • Wood Steel Cracks

  • Cables & Rollers

  • New Installations

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Spring

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